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Damn, I’m broke!

The stark realization hit me as I watched my bank account slither into an abyss of overdrafts that I had never experienced before.

I had thought that because I had a house, I was doing well. After all, homeownership is part of the American Dream right?

I had thought that because I had a car, I was doing well. After all, I could drive myself from point A to point B right?

I had thought that because I was making 6 figures, I was well off. Where did I go wrong?

You see, with rising gas prices, and the ever increase cost of maintaining a home (property taxes, repairs, etc), I constantly found myself running out of money. And, this time I was completely out. Like a car engine with no gas, my bank account was officially exhausted. So what do I do?

What’s really important to me?

My first inclination was to work more. But, picking up extra hours in addition to my 50 hour work week would prove difficult. I already have a child, and the local daycare only stays open for so long. Another option was to downsize. But, since coronavirus started, home prices were going up. Even if my husband and I sold our current home, the likelihood that we would be able to buy another one of the same quality. Instead of hardwood floors and granite, we would probably have to go with a modular home or laminate with formica. That’s real estate appreciate for ya! Compound interest takes its toll and eventually prices everyone out of the market. For better or for worse, I was now priced out.

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So I started thinking to myself: What’s really important to me? I had spent the last 20 years of my life accumulating materialistic wealth. Only to find myself in fear of losing it. But did I every really have it? That is, if I am making mortgage payments on my home, is it truly mine? Similarly, if I am making payments on my car, is it really mine? Both can get repossessed at any point in time. So, I decided to do one of the most courageous things I had ever done before in my life. I sold all my unnecessary possessions (house and car included) and bought an RV Camper. Unlike some people who buy an RV Camper for travel, my purpose was purely functional. I needed a place to live. I will be sharing my experiences with Cedar Grove RV Park in future posts. Stay tuned!

Cedar Grove RV Parks provides a peaceful experience for visitors. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. Yep, you heard us right. Water, electric, and sewer are all included with the price of your stay. So what are you waiting for? Find a location today!

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Felicia Eddings is a jack of many trades who values spending time with her family. When she is not working on various projects, she enjoys blogging about RV’ing.